Carpet Cleaning Methods

Carpet Cleaners Methods

carpet cleaning methods

It’s important to familiarize yourself with the different cleaning methods out there so you can make an informed choice. Here are the most common carpet cleaning methods being used today.

Portable Apartment Carpet Cleaner

When a  carpet cleaner uses a portable machine to clean your carpets, it is okay. However, there are some drawbacks to portable carpet cleaning machines.

    1. The tank on the portable machine is small with less performance. Your carpet cleaner professional will have to refill the tank with hot water and product, then, empty the waste tank several times throughout the carpet cleaning. The portable hot water extractor usually holds about 35 liters, which will clean 2 – 3 rooms.


    1. Some Apartment portable carpet cleaning machines will only be as hot as it was when it came out of your tap. As the water sits in the tank of the portable carpet cleaning machine, it will cool down. So, the professional carpet cleaner must work quickly to maximize the hot water temperature.


  1.  Apartment portable carpet cleaning machines leave your carpet wetter than more powerful truck mount cleaners.  They have less suction. Less suction means more moisture from the carpet cleaning process stays on your carpet. More moisture means your clean carpets will take longer to dry.

Auckland Steam n Dry carpet cleaners use portable carpet cleaners for high rise and apartment cleaning only

Truck Mount Carpet Cleaner

The other type of hot water extraction carpet cleaning machine is a truck mount machine. Truck mount hot water extractors are the best tools in carpet cleaning. Truck mount machines are just that: mounted in your carpet cleaner’s truck. The machine stays in the truck throughout the cleaning process. Your carpet cleaner connects hoses to the machine and brings these clean hoses into your house to clean your carpets.

There are two major advantages to the truck mount hot water extraction machines.

First, truck mount machines have the ability to heat the cleaning water up to 230º and keep it at that temperature throughout the cleaning! The truck mount machine uses an extremely powerful gas engine to heat the water. This hot water is absolutely crucial to achieving a heavy-duty clean! The difference between cleaning with water that is 230º and with water that is, let’s say 120º (your hot tap water temperature), is incredible. Properly heated water is one of the keys to a super clean carpet.

The second major advantage of truck mount carpet cleaning machines is their incredible suction power. Your professional carpet cleaner will use the high powered vacuum hose to remove the cleaning solution, water, and soils from your carpet. The truck mount machine deposits all of this in the recovery tank inside the carpet cleaning truck. This strong suction, again provided by the powerful gas engine, helps remove as much moisture from your carpet as possible. Removing this moisture cuts down on the drying time for your carpet.

The natural non-toxic carpet cleaning products are biodegradable and they specialize in cleaning dirty carpets effectually. They reduce the effect of allergic reactions caused by toxic chemicals that are used to treat the carpets. These cleaners also minimize the chance of mold growth as they are dry. Simply one of the best carpet cleaning methods.

Auckland Steam n Dry carpet cleaners use truck mount carpet cleaners for all work other than the high rise and apartment cleaning only,

Benefits Of Using Natural Cleaning Products For Your Carpets

Nowadays, more and more people are recognizing the need for using green-friendly carpet cleaning solutions. Using a natural carpet cleaning product can give you a lot of benefits.

    1. Carpet cleaning method that uses 100% natural and organic ingredients removes coffee, tea and rusts stains. It can effectively remove pet dander, cooking and smoke odors.


    1. Green carpet cleaning product can protect the carpet fibers from stains and soils. It cleans delicate carpets safely. It does not change the appearance of the carpet.


    1. As natural cleaners do not use harsh chemicals, it does not discolor your carpet. It resists stains, build-up, and spills.


    1. Some natural carpet cleaners are specially formulated with effective ingredients that remove the stains. From the carpet in high traffic areas almost instantly.
    2. They do not leave any residues.


    1. They do not cause any adverse effects on rivers, plants or wildlife. Most importantly do not contain artificial fragrances, colors or preservatives. Indeed they are safe for your home and home carpet cleaning machines.


    1. Natural carpet stain remover contains enzymes that occur naturally. They dissolve stains in an effective manner and are excellent for cleaning mold. It is also safe for everyone in your home. It is gentle, non inflammable and non toxic. Furthermore, it removes the smell and blots of blood, pet urine, juice. As well as cola.


Steam Carpet Cleaning Machines – Best Carpet Cleaning Methods

If you have kids and pets at home, carpet cleaning machine can be one of the best carpet cleaning methods. You can use natural cleaning products that are environmentally friendly to use. It is advisable to keep a bottle of natural carpet shampoo so that you can clean spills and stains properly. Of course with the help of the machine.

While selecting a carpet cleaning machine, you need to consider several factors such as cost and cleaning ability. It is easy to use and it can eliminate heavily soiled areas. You can use a natural carpet cleaning product in the machine. This helps to make your home 100% safe.

Bissel little green steam cleaner removes spills and dirt without any difficulty. You need not to worry about stains in hard to reach areas. This is one of the most important carpet cleaning methods.

Nylon carpets are easier to clean because in most cases. You can safely use strong cleaning solutions with very hot water without damaging them. Therefore learn to identify the type of carpet you are cleaning. Wool carpets need special care or superior vacuumed truck mounted. Usually, strong cleaning solutions with very hot water can loosen dyes and make them run. Before you start, always test a small area. Wool carpets can also shrink if you over wet them so try and minimize the amount of water you use. Get them dry in the shortest time possible. Use a turbo dryer where possible.

How do you choose the right company?

Get quotes from a couple of professional carpet cleaners before making your choice. This list of questions will give you an idea of whether or not they’re worth the money.

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